Our Philosophy and Objectives

Our philosophy and objectives

Louisa Domestic Violence Service is part of Molonglo Support Services. As such it adheres to the philosophy and objectives of Molonglo. These are as follows:


Molonglo Support Services provides support and accommodation to victims of domestic and family violence and homelessness regardless of age, gender, cultural or ethnic background. We adhere to a feminist understanding of domestic and family violence, informed by research and current trends, and seek to redress all forms of disadvantage and discrimination in our society that affect our clients.  We respect the individuality, dignity, privacy and confidentiality of our clients.


  • To increase safety and reduce harm arising from domestic and family violence by providing holistic, early intervention, outreach and crisis support
  • Provide immediate intervention to women and children experiencing domestic violence to enable them to move, to remain in their family home or be safely rehoused
  • Provide crisis accommodation for women and children and transitional accommodation to women, men and children and support to gain government and private rental options.
  • To provide a range of support services and crisis accommodation to all victims of domestic violence.
  • To provide a range of accommodation models to victims of domestic violence in their transition to safe, secure and affordable longer term housing.
  • To provide advocacy and community education around domestic violence and homelessness and to represent the needs of our client group in the local community and at state and federal levels of government.

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