Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is a case to case basis which depends on your situation. It is important that you discuss your situation and circumstances with one of our experienced case managers.

  1. You can contact Link 2 Home on 1800 152 152
  2. You can present to the Queanbeyan sleep bus. Check out the following links:
  3. Drop in to our office or phone us on (02) 62975827
  4. Contact the local housing office

This can be a really challenging situation for you and your family. We encourage you to notify your case manager as soon as possible so that you can work together on establishing a plan.

Unfortunately you are not eligible for housing assistance at this point. We understand that this an extremely challenging time for you and your family. The team at Your Place are exploring opportunities to collaborate with the required services to explore pathways to create housing opportunities for temporary visa holders, however, this is not something that can be resolved immediately.

We encourage you to discuss your options with your case manager as it depends on the circumstances surrounding you being blacklisted.

If you are an Australian Citizen or Permanent resident and meet the income eligibility requirements you may be eligible for the rent start bond loan. Please refer to the link below. We also, encourage you to have a discussion with your case manager to explore alternate options.

Apply for Rentstart Bond Loan | Family & Community Services (

There are many products and services available through Housing please refer to the link below

Yes you can receive assistance from the Your Place team to explore options based on your needs.

Yes please advise the Intake Manager of your appointment needs based on your medical or physical restrictions and an alternate contact method can be arranged.

Please call and let us know and we can work with you make a suitable arrangement.

We are mandated reporters and we acknowledge that homelessness is a challenging time for parents and their children. We encourage you to talk with a case worker about your situation so we can assist you to address the barriers you are facing and work towards a stable home for your family.

Absolutely the staff at Your Place Housing Support Services work in collaboration with DCJ-Housing NSW and provide support and advocacy to our clients while they are going through the application process.

There are many factors that determine a case closure please refer to the below.

  1. Your Place Housing Support Services do not tolerate abuse of any kind towards staff.
  2. Non engagement-attempts will be made to engage with you-it is important to keep your contact details up to date.
  3. Not providing the requested documents
  4. You have achieved the goals and your housing need has been met.
  5. You request for closure of your file
  6. You wish to relocate out of area- Your case manager will refer you to services in the area you wish to relocate prior to your departure.

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