Frequently Asked Questions

  • Women 18+ years, with or without dependent children, and have separated from a violent partner/family member, and choose to remain in your home or another home of your choice
  • SHLV can help by providing advocacy, emotional support, safety planning, security equipment and long-term case management support. SHLV support is free of charge and confidential
  • After the violent/abusive partner or family member has been removed from your home, you can refer yourself or someone can refer on your behalf by calling us or emailing via the contact page
  • You can make a referral yourself, or a worker or service provider can contact SHLV on your behalf. Ph: (02) 6189 4808
    Another service is welcome to request a SHLV referral form
  • We can help you develop a safety plan and home security measures that support your individual needs
  • Yes, SHLV can help you look at your budget and seek financial and legal advice if needed.  We will assist you to access any subsidies that may be available to help you remain in your home, or the home of your choice
  • If you are a victim/survivor of domestic violence you may be able to have the abusive person taken off the lease when they are removed from the property
  • Yes, as a victim/survivor of domestic violence you can remain in your home, while SHLV assists you to seek legal advice, explore your rights and options
  • Support is available while you remain separated from the perpetrator of abuse/violence. Were you to reconcile with your ex-partner you would no longer  be eligible for SHLV support

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